Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the hell is a T number

and WHY does our government give them out to ILLEGAL aliens? Well,a T number is a Tax number I guess, for those who cannot get a social security number because they are ILLEGAL. The government has given up on protecting Americans from invasion I guess, but they still want money. Now, remember, I am focused on the word ILLEGAL here. I am all for LEGAL immigrants. My sweet daughter in law is a LEGAL immigrant from Korea. I LOVE Mexican people, do NOT misunderstand that. I am against ILLEGAL, against the LAW immigration. It is so wrong on so many levels. And what really gets to me is that our government knows where these people are, these people with T numbers. And yet, they do nothing. What exactly would happen to an American in Mexico illegally? Well,let's go to Yahoo answers for this:

Resolved Question
What happens to an american caught entering Mexico or Canada illegally?

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The Canadian's Return You To The US

The Mexicans Throw You In A SHITHOLE Prison And Starve You For A Few Months And Then Return You To The US.

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