Tuesday, January 24, 2012

POLITICS is an 8 lettered word TWICE as bad as a 4 letter word.

I'm sick of politics. I'm sick of so many things. I am really having trouble finding much to be hopeful about anymore....and the sad part? We have, as a Nation, done it to ourselves. We gave away the better part of our middle class to China and India. We have given God only knows how much money in aid to countries that HATE us like Pakistan. They knew where he was all along and were even protecting the bastard while taking our printed out of thin air money.....I can't talk about it anymore tonight. Actually it's morning. I hate insomnia. I am going to concentrate on the people and things I love. I don't want to care about the things I cannot do any thing about. People ask me who I am going to vote for. Ron Paul of course. I LOVE the very thing everyone hates about him....his foreign policy. I WANT the USA to be an isolationist country. Anyway I said I wasn't going to talk about politics anymore. Besides, I have gone back to the Mother Country in my heart. I am a subject of the Queen, just like my ancestors who came to this country in the 1600's were loyal subjects of the King. This was an experiment that took nearly 300 years to fail. It's sad. It didn't have to be like this but greed plus stupidity always destroys. Kind of jumping around here but has anyone looked at a television programming schedule lately? The shows that are on...OMG so symptomatic of such an emerging classless in every sense of the word society. The ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT channel...a channel whose title suggests art and artistic type entertainment.....the HIGHEST rated show ever is DOG the bounty hunter! and then we have the whiny Kardashians who shot to fame with Kim's nasty disgusting sex tape....her mother Kris Jenner counsels Khloe on national TV at a Laker's game on how to use different sexual positions, such as putting her legs in the air, to try to get pregnant. At the same game she is given the news that Rob (DWTS) has had unprotected sex and may have impregnated some girl he had a one night stand with. She reads him the riot act using the F word only they go to all the trouble to bleep over it. WHY? Why bother? Everybody knows she said Fuck. It's obvious by reading her lips. Why pretend to censor when the whole damn skanky family came to fame because Kim sucked a.... never mind. It's just all mind numbing. It makes me wonder if there is a God. All these skanky ho's just raking in the money......for just being stupid and nasty.....while so many decent people are out of work in this country. Oh and then THE LEARNING CHANNEL hosts one of the worst of the worst....TODDLERS AND TIARAS and then there is SISTER WIVES. On THE LEARNING CHANNEL! Not to even mention shows about tattoos and pawn shops.....this is what Americans want to see. Otherwise, it wouldn't be on the air. Oh GOD how could I have forgotten LIZARD LICK TOWING? LOL. Oh yeah.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the hell is a T number

and WHY does our government give them out to ILLEGAL aliens? Well,a T number is a Tax number I guess, for those who cannot get a social security number because they are ILLEGAL. The government has given up on protecting Americans from invasion I guess, but they still want money. Now, remember, I am focused on the word ILLEGAL here. I am all for LEGAL immigrants. My sweet daughter in law is a LEGAL immigrant from Korea. I LOVE Mexican people, do NOT misunderstand that. I am against ILLEGAL, against the LAW immigration. It is so wrong on so many levels. And what really gets to me is that our government knows where these people are, these people with T numbers. And yet, they do nothing. What exactly would happen to an American in Mexico illegally? Well,let's go to Yahoo answers for this:

Resolved Question
What happens to an american caught entering Mexico or Canada illegally?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

The Canadian's Return You To The US

The Mexicans Throw You In A SHITHOLE Prison And Starve You For A Few Months And Then Return You To The US.


Damn. Has it REALLY been 3 years since Angie set this up for me and tried to teach me how to use a blog site? Well, alot has happened in these past 3 years, but one thing that has remained constant is that Angie is still the sweetest most generous woman I think I have ever known. She actually amazes me with her kind heart and inspires me to be a better person. She's for real. Nobody could keep up a kind heart pretense for this long. She is an absolutely fabulous woman and my little sister. Okay so we're not biologically related but she IS my little sister. Most of my bio family is illogical. I think that's funny.
I hope to stay committed to blogging this time. I warn you though, sometimes it won't be pretty. I'm going to speak my mind, and, well, quite frankly, while I am truly brilliant about some things I am also a moron. So when I go off on my tangents rest assured I am NOT being a know it all. But I do feel compelled to voice my opinions now. And God I do want feedback. (and followers) :) Oh and it will also be controversial I'm sure and I can cuss like a drunken sailor. My Mother, God rest her soul, would want to wash my mouth out with octagon soap if she could hear me. Okay! Read on for the first controversial post of my new blogging career!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Post

The ONLY reason I have a blog page is because I have a friend who is so sweet and so generous that she created this for me. And I am so glad she did. I think it's going to be alot of fun. But I never would have done it for myself. She is so kind. It's what first attracted me to her youtube videos and comments. Oh I know she has been embroiled in some drama but that's only because she champions the ones she believes have been done wrong. I just love her. You know I have been online for over 10 years and I have met some wonderful people. This IS real life to me. It's as much real life as 3-d life. The internet healed my broken spirit during my first years online. I'll tell y'all about it sometime. I have one friend I met 10 years ago and although we have never met in person, we have remained extremely close all this time. I treasure all my friends, and have felt more companioned at times in a chat window than in a room full of people. Anyway, this first post is dedicated to a dear internet friend. Someone who has always been there for me. I just love you Angie!
And Martha thank you for following my blog! I love you too! Now I am going to try to add a picture of my granddaughter. hmmmmmm. I'm an idiot so I don't know if i remember what Angie said.